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Bridgewater (Auburn)

Dekalb Central Schools


Ranch: 1700 SF | 1.5 Story: 2200 SF | Garage: 600 SF


Bridgewater Golf Club and new home subdivision just a short drive from both Auburn and Fort Wayne. It’s close to everything, but far enough to provide a quiet lifestyle.

Why homeowners love Bridgewater:

  • Neighbors, restaurant, pool access, GOLF, the view and social activities
  • It’s a great place to raise a family
  • Neighborhood, automotive town, belonging to pool and tennis courts, breakfast
  • Beautiful well kept houses in a beautiful town
  • The tennis courts and we feel safe in our neighborhood
  • Quiet setting, golf course, cool neighbors, and near work
Lots from $44,900 - $84,900 Homes from $200,000